Our group belongs to the Polymer Chemistry team (ECP) at the Paris Institute of Molecular Chemistry (IPCM) at Sorbonne Université (SU). The  IPCM is a s a joint research unit between SU and the French National center of Scientific Research (CNRS).  You can find out more about the main research topics of the ECP and the IPCM here.

Three hexagons showing the group resarch topics: Nanostructured, fluorescent and surface-confined materials. A figure representing each topic is pictured.

If you think your profile matches or can contribute to our group and you are interested in joining us, please contact either Dr. Fabrice Mathevet or Dr. Lydia Sosa Vargas by e-mail. Remember to include a concise message to explain why you would like to join us, together with a short CV that demonstrates your fit to the group. Any open positions will be posted on the website or on Twitter (ECP or IPCM).

Please note that we will not respond to generic e-mails!